AWI March Madness Cake Competition

This week I had the “privilege” of competing in my first cake competition. I work part-time with some amazing girls at Oregon Dairy in Lititz, PA who thought it would be great to enter me into this contest, (even if it was going to be against my will, haha) The theme was march madness, and we all worked together over the past couple months to come up with the game-plan.  I had 5 hours to produce 2 dessert cakes (for tasting), a sculpted cake, and a tiered cake (minimum of 3 tiers). Although I was EXTREMELY nervous, (shaking, sweating, trying to remember to breathe!) these girls supported me all the way and really pumped me up :) My husband Jason also stayed the whole day to support me and that was the most special part of the whole day :) (Even though he was almost as stressed as I was, haha!)

Here I am at the very beginning before the countdown started, nervous smile and shaking while people were coming up to encourage me!

I did my dessert cakes first, these are the finished products. One was “Neopolitan Dynomite” – It was a combination of chocolate, strawberry and vanilla cake with chocolate, strawberry and vanilla fillings. The outside was finished with whipped frosting rosettes in the 3 different flavors and then I finished it off with a hand-made ruffle flower on top. The other cake we called “Mocha-Choca-Latte” , it was chocolate cake soaked with coffee syrup and then had 3 different fillings – caramel, coffee and vanilla cinnamon. I then decorated it with wafer pirouettes along the outside and another one of my hand-made fondant flowers on top. My ladies Cassie and Cathy helped me come up with these awesome and delicious cake flavors and designs :) We make a great team!

For my sculpted cake, I decided to make an air jordan sneaker. This was probably the most difficult of the cakes – time consuming and tedious! We were able to bring some items that we made ahead of time, so I made the shoebox out of styrofoam and used it as my cake stand for a nice presentation. Here are some pictures…

For the tiered cake, I decided to go all-out and do 5 tiers! This design was a combination of my ideas mixed with the ladies I work with and I was so happy with the final result. The basketball hoop tier and bottom of the basketball were stryrofoam but everything else was real cake that I had to completely fill, ice, stack and decorate in the time allotted. The hardest part was carrying this very large cake to the table – it was heavy and although it was stable, still absolutely terrifying to carry!

And here I am with all of the cakes finished and displayed on the table (BIG sigh of relief!!) Now I could finally breathe!

All of our brainstorming and my hard work paid off – I was awarded 1st place!  I was so proud to be there and represent the amazing group of people at Oregon Dairy – I cannot thank my Oregon Dairy ladies enough (not to mention all the other people from the store that came out to support me)  My husband, Jason who really encouraged me through the whole process and just really supports me in everything I do (he is amazing!) – Thank you to all the people who were sending up prayers for me (and my sanity! haha) And above all else, to God be all the glory! What an amazing experience!

5 thoughts on “AWI March Madness Cake Competition

  1. The best part of your amazing story is that you give God all the glory. You have been blessed with amazing talent that brings joy to so many people. I am SO incredibly proud of the woman you have become.