May 2015

MOTHER’S DAY sweets! I always try to plan ahead for this holiday so that I can make sure to have lots of cookies for the wonderful “Motherly” women in my life… My mother-in-law is great, we not only get along … Continue reading

April 2015

I’ll start this post with EASTER SWEETS!! :-) A pretty mix of flower cookies, butterfly cookies, Easter egg cookies, cross cookies – and an assortment of what I like to call “sugar scripture” cookies… This cake was for little Sadie’s … Continue reading

February & March 2015

Well it’s been another busy 6 weeks – full of fun projects and super cute sweets!

I’ll start by sharing some pretty bridal shower sweets. The bride-to-be’s sister ordered these as a special surprise! Sculpted Chanel purse…

And some fancy “Tiffany’s” themed cupcakes…

Next we have Hank’s 5th birthday cakes – one was based on the book “The little blue truck” and the other was a firetruck theme (:

At the end of February, one of my very best friends welcomed her third baby girl – so of course I had to send her some cookies to celebrate! (:

Brighton’s 1st birthday was quite the bash – mom ordered a tiered cake, cookie favors AND a smash cake just for Brighton! How fun!! The flavor of the cake was vanilla bean with raspberry preserves and raspberry buttercream filling. Yum (:

More “Frozen” cakes!! The first one was for a little girl named Addyson who turned three! I decorated the cake in buttercream swirls and sugar snowflakes! The flavors of the cake tiers were vanilla bean with chocolate buttercream filling and chocolate cake with cookies ‘n’ cream filling. The second cake was for a little girl named Ava – pink fondant ruffles and sugar snowflakes for this one! I had the opportunity to be a “sugar angel” for Icing Smiles with this cake and it was once again a wonderful experience. Ava and her mom were both so sweet and really enjoyed the cake (: The top tier was vanilla bean cake with white chocolate buttercream filling, middle tier was vanilla bean cake with strawberry preserves and white chocolate buttercream filling, and the bottom tier was vanilla bean cake with strawberry preserves and strawberry buttercream filling.

This next cake was for an ice skating & minions-themed party at Twin Ponds to celebrate Hannah’s 7th birthday! The flavors of the cake were vanilla bean with caramel buttercream filling (one of my favorite flavor combinations!) and carrot cake with cream cheese vanilla bean buttercream filling. The cake had to be all white since Hannah’s little brother has a red food color allergy, so we worked with it and kept the cake very simple and classy – adding a touch of “minion” with the yellow and denim blue satin ribbon. I hand-made the ice skate topper with fondant (and much patience!) Look at how fun the table set-up was – and how photogenic Hannah is! Super cute!! (:

Thank you to all of my wonderful customers!!


January & February 2015

Wow, 2015 has already been a whirlwind! I have such great customers that keep me BUSY!  I’ve had so many fun projects already! Here’s a collection of some of these fun cakes, cookies and cupcakes that have kept me busy over the past several weeks! (:

Sugar snowflakes! One was a smash cake for a little girl named Claire who turned 1! The other was for lovely lady named Sheri who turned 40!

Baby showers! The cake with the fondant elephant toppers was an adorable little cake that just made me smile (: And the lion king cub cake was inspired by the invitation – I had creative freedom with it and the baby lion cub was so much fun to make! Hand-made toppers are one of my favorite projects!

Another first birthday – this one was football themed! The party was actually the same weekend as the super bowl, so it was great timing! The football cake was for little Easton to smash into and the cookie favors were for his guests (:

Next up we have Braden’s birthday!! I have done this little guy’s birthday for the last 3 years – WOW! You can see his past three cakes here! This year, the theme was Boston Bruins – I did a tiered cake with fondant Zamboni, jersey, hockey stick & puck, and the cutest little skates! All hand-made (: And then each of his little buddies got a cookie favor with their name on it to take home! How fun!

Here are a couple fun and colorful kid’s cakes! Eli loves the Lorax so for his 2nd birthday, his grandma ordered a cute cake that would make him smile! And for Lexi and Jan’s combined birthday cake, I made an “under-the-sea” themed cake with a cute fondant turtle on top! (:

This cake was for a great guy who loves the outdoors and camping with his family – Dr. Woodward! The cake was a surprise gift from his staff – I delivered this cake and actually got to see his reaction, as he accidentally walked into the room before the big “reveal” haha – everyone had a good laugh about it and I was so glad I could be there for that moment (:

These sweets for twins Reeden and Vivian’s 2nd birthday! They had a birthday party on Valentine’s Day weekend -how fun! Both Reeden and Vivian got a personalized cake to smash into, the sheet cake was for the parents, and cupcakes for the kids! I thought this was such a cute theme for a twin boy and girl’s birthday (:

This cardinal cake was a challenging one – but I loved every bit of it! I hand painted the birds and the branches, airbrushed a little shadow and then added some berries and snow. At the venue, I finished it with some fresh evergreen sprigs – it was beautiful. This cake was for a retirement party at Rich Valley Golf in Mechanicsburg, PA.

And most recently – Valentine’s Day cookies! I really put my heart into these and they were handed out among a couple special groups of women. Spreading the love, one cookie at a time (:


Gender Reveal Baby Shower Cake

It’s hard to tell from the pictures, but this was actually a teeny little tiered cake – and it’s size made it even more adorable! The cake was decorated half “girly” and half “boyish” as it was for a gender reveal party.  The lady who ordered this cake, Santina, is a good friend of the couple who is expecting, so she wanted to make sure the cake was special, personalized, cute and fun. She gave me a bunch of details about Baby Bloes parents and let me have creative freedom to bring those ideas together. The girly side of the cake was inspired by Baby Bloes mom and the boyish side was inspired by dad.

Baby Bloes gender was a secret, but the couple had picked out names, so we incorporated those into the design as well :)

Dad Bloes is into sports, so I added some sports balls and cute boy onesies to that side. Mom Bloes loves lipstick and pearls, so I incorporated those details into the girly side..

The gender reveal party was “Oktoberfest” themed and they planned to carve pumpkins, so I also added a few little fondant pumpkins here and there :) I loved all of the personal little details on this cake and making the little baby shoes was also so much fun!

Congratulations, Geoff and Shayla!

Thank you to my wonderful customer, Santina, for letting me be a sweet part of this special occasion :)

Lion Cub Baby Shower Cake

This baby shower cake was inspired by the bedding set “mom-to-be” got for the nursery – Lion King! Color scheme was beige, brown, golden yellow, green and blue – with a touch of leopard print! The flavors were marble cake with mocha buttercream and vanilla bean cake with caramel buttercream.

I had so much fun making the cute  little lion cub :) I also hand-painted a little picture on top of the book to look like the view of “Pride Rock” from the movie.


I also made some cookie favors to match the cake :)

Congratulations on your new baby boy, Emily!!

Baby Boy!

I had so much fun with this cute “baby boy” themed baby shower cake!  I made cute onesie cookie favors also! The color scheme was blues and greens and I had creative freedom to come up with the design. I was to incorporate a golden retriever, baby blocks, soccer balls, dump trucks, and rattles. So between the cake and cookies, I tied those details all together..

This cake is one of my new favorites :-)

The flavors were vanilla bean cake filled with lemon curd and lemon buttercream, and vanilla bean cake filled with vanilla bean buttercream.

Here are the cookie favors! :-)