May 2015

MOTHER’S DAY sweets! I always try to plan ahead for this holiday so that I can make sure to have lots of cookies for the wonderful “Motherly” women in my life… My mother-in-law is great, we not only get along … Continue reading

February & March 2015

Well it’s been another busy 6 weeks – full of fun projects and super cute sweets!

I’ll start by sharing some pretty bridal shower sweets. The bride-to-be’s sister ordered these as a special surprise! Sculpted Chanel purse…

And some fancy “Tiffany’s” themed cupcakes…

Next we have Hank’s 5th birthday cakes – one was based on the book “The little blue truck” and the other was a firetruck theme (:

At the end of February, one of my very best friends welcomed her third baby girl – so of course I had to send her some cookies to celebrate! (:

Brighton’s 1st birthday was quite the bash – mom ordered a tiered cake, cookie favors AND a smash cake just for Brighton! How fun!! The flavor of the cake was vanilla bean with raspberry preserves and raspberry buttercream filling. Yum (:

More “Frozen” cakes!! The first one was for a little girl named Addyson who turned three! I decorated the cake in buttercream swirls and sugar snowflakes! The flavors of the cake tiers were vanilla bean with chocolate buttercream filling and chocolate cake with cookies ‘n’ cream filling. The second cake was for a little girl named Ava – pink fondant ruffles and sugar snowflakes for this one! I had the opportunity to be a “sugar angel” for Icing Smiles with this cake and it was once again a wonderful experience. Ava and her mom were both so sweet and really enjoyed the cake (: The top tier was vanilla bean cake with white chocolate buttercream filling, middle tier was vanilla bean cake with strawberry preserves and white chocolate buttercream filling, and the bottom tier was vanilla bean cake with strawberry preserves and strawberry buttercream filling.

This next cake was for an ice skating & minions-themed party at Twin Ponds to celebrate Hannah’s 7th birthday! The flavors of the cake were vanilla bean with caramel buttercream filling (one of my favorite flavor combinations!) and carrot cake with cream cheese vanilla bean buttercream filling. The cake had to be all white since Hannah’s little brother has a red food color allergy, so we worked with it and kept the cake very simple and classy – adding a touch of “minion” with the yellow and denim blue satin ribbon. I hand-made the ice skate topper with fondant (and much patience!) Look at how fun the table set-up was – and how photogenic Hannah is! Super cute!! (:

Thank you to all of my wonderful customers!!


Michael’s Scooter Cake

This cake was for Michael’s scooter-themed birthday party held at Grindlab Indoor Skate Park in Camp Hill.

The ramp structure was made entirely of cake and all of the details were made with fondant. The scooter’s wheels even turned – Sandy,¬† the birthday boy’s mom, said that was one of Michael’s favorite parts of the cake :-)

Here’s a great picture Sandy sent me of all the boys with the cake!


Great shot of Michael and his cake!

Happy Birthday, Michael!

Thank you to Sandy for the awesome pictures!


Camaro Groom’s Cake

This cake was ordered by the bride as a surprise for her fiance. Surprise cakes are so much fun!

Monica’s soon-to-be-hubby actually re-built a 69′ Camaro with his dad. So of course, a Camaro cake was the perfect way to add a little “manly” fun to the wedding.

When Monica and her maid of honor came to pick up the cake, they were so happy with it. I could tell Monica was excited to surprise her fiance with it at the wedding. How fun! :) Thank you to Monica for being such a great customer – best wishes for your new marriage!

Chevron Gift Box Cakes

I really liked the design of these cakes! They were for a bridal shower this past weekend. Sarah’s mom sent me pictures of the gift boxes she was using for the shower and asked me to duplicate them in cake! How fun! :)

The flavors were marble cake with vanilla bean buttercream and vanilla cake with vanilla bean buttercream. Yum!

Congratulations, Sarah!

Here are some pictures Sarah’s mom, Betsy sent me of the party!

And what a fun coincidence Рthe bridal shower was held at Purcell Friendship Hall, the same venue where my husband Jason and I had our wedding reception! Since our wedding, they have continued adding even more space for entertaining Рthe grounds are absolutely beautiful!

Jaylah’s Special Spongebob Cake

This was a very special order for a very special little girl’s 2nd birthday.

I was connected with this family through Icing Smiles, a nonprofit organization that provides custom celebration cakes and other treats to families impacted by the critical illness of a child. You can see their cakes and some of the many children and families they have blessed so far on their facebook page here.

The little girl I created this cake for, Jaylah, has a rare genetic disorder of the nervous system (KRABBE). Being able to use my “gift” to bring joy to this family was so special. It was wonderful working with her grandmother to come up with a fun cake – and it was such a blessing to be able to meet Jaylah when I delivered the cake. She is so sweet.

Here is a picture of me and Jaylah with the cake…

Jaylah loves Spongebob so he had to be the focal point of the cake, of course! Her grandmother told me she also loves butterflies, sunglasses, and chapstick so I incorporated all of those things into a cute and fun cake designed to represent all of Jaylah’s favorite things. Here are some pictures I took of the cake before I delivered it…

Happy Birthday, sweet Jaylah

Please join me in praying for Jaylah and her family.

University of Kansas “Jayhawks” Baseball Hat

This past weekend was an extra special one because I got to make my pastor’s birthday cake!

His wife, LeAnn, planned it as a secret so that made it a lot of fun! Surprises are the best :-) He is a huge KU Jayhawks fan, so we figured a cake to look like a Jayhawk’s baseball hat would really impress him. Here’s what I came up with…

The flavor was chocolate cake, filled with chocolate ganache and chocolate buttercream…Chocolate overload! ;-)

And here’s the happy customer with his cake!

Happy Birthday to a great guy and awesome pastor!


This cake was for two little boys, ages 5 and 2, who were celebrating their birthdays together. One likes the yellow minions and the other likes the purple, so mom and I combined the two and came up with a super fun cake for them!

Half of the cake was decorated to represent Gru’s lab, and the other to represent El Macho’s fiesta :-)

I had so much fun adding the detail to these little guys and bringing their personalities to life! :-)

Happy Birthday, boys! Thanks to mom, Alyssa, for such a fun project! :-)

Yellow VW Beetle

This cake was for a good friend of my mother-in-law’s. Her name is Betty and she turned 60 this year, so the girls at their office wanted to treat her to a fun party – complete with a custom cake, of course! (-:

Since this was a party of all ladies, the requested flavor was chocolate, chocolate, chocolate! So I did a chocolate cake with chocolate ganache, and chocolate buttercream!

Everything is edible (-:

Here is the birthday girl with her cake!

And here are the back and front views…

Happy Birthday, Betty!

Also thank you to my awesome mother-in-law, Cindy, for the order and for being extra sneaky and taking a bunch of good photos of Betty’s car so that I could get all the details correct ;) So fun!