Lauren & AJ | 6-25-2016

Lauren and AJ were married at Wind in the Willows in Grantville, PA this June. The grounds and the barn at Wind in the Willows are absolutely beautiful and create the perfect “rustic yet elegant” setting for a wedding. Their … Continue reading

2015 Yearly Recap :)

2015 has been such a blast – I cannot thank everyone enough for the fun projects you’ve given me this year!!

I feel very blessed that I have been able to use my love for serving others with edible art as a career – and with that, meet so many incredible people. I am beyond grateful for the opportunities I’ve had and the relationships I’ve made. Every new project helps me learn and grow – and every new client feels like a new friend :-)

Here are some of my favorite projects from 2015:

I met so many wonderful brides, grooms and families this year as well. I feel it’s such an honor to be a part of someone’s “big day” – to participate in such a special moment in their lives. I also love seeing our amazing Pennsylvania wedding venues all beautifully decorated to suit each couple! Thank you to all of my “2015 couples” for choosing me and for trusting me to provide you with delicious and beautiful wedding day sweets :) Here’s a video recap of this year’s wedding cakes!

Thank you to my family, friends, mentors and clients – you all hold special places in my heart and I am so thankful for each and every one of you!! :) Most importantly I thank the Good Lord for the abilities he’s gifted me, the passion he’s given me for my work and the beautiful blessings & grace He provides new every day.

*God gives us our work, talent and skills so that through them we might worship Him. We have been called to work with excellence, integrity, and diligence, and our careers are opportunities to be on mission for Christ in the marketplace. God gives us great potential for impact on our families, churches, communities and the world through the blessing of our work* – J.D. Greear

2014 Wedding Season Recap :)

Wow, what a great wedding season it’s been this year! As I drove away from my last delivery this past Sunday, I couldn’t help but reminisce and praise God for every blessing he has given me this year – I have met so many wonderful couples and have had to opportunity to create some very pretty cakes :)

I created a little video with some of the highlights…check it out!


Lisa & Greg |October 19th, 2014

Lisa and Greg’s wedding was held at the York Agricultural and Industrial Museum. The venue was both quirky and beautiful at the same time. I was super impressed with all of the details Lisa put together. She either bought or made just about every detail and designed it all herself. There were some vintage pieces from On A Lark inspired events and vintage rentals and flowers were provided by Fosters Flower Shop.

These cake pictures are from Cambria Creative Photography…Her work is incredible.

I think this was one of my favorite wedding cakes of 2014 :)

To see more pictures of this wedding, check out Cambria Creative’s blog…Lisa was such a stunning bride and Cambria captured so many beautiful details and moments from the big day!

Congratulations, Lisa and Greg!



“Klock Cake Season” !

This Klock family has become an extended family of mine. I absolutely adore them and have really enjoyed making birthday cakes for them over the past few years. Their birthdays are all during the summer months and they order a cake from me for every one, which is so special. We have a lot of fun brainstorming ideas and always do something fun…So I decided to dedicate this whole blog post to all of the cakes they came up with this year (and some from the past years) I present to you: “Klock Cake Season”!

We’ll start with Joey! This year, Joey’s cake was Florida-themed. The Klocks love vacationing in Florida and one of Joey’s favorite places is Discovery Cove.

Here are some of Joey’s other cakes…

Next up, Mick! This year, Mick’s birthday cake pulled a couple themes together. He is a huge Washington Capitals fan so we wanted to do a zamboni cake…He currently lives in D.C. but is moving back to his “home state” of Pennsylvania soon so we wanted to incorporate that as well. Here’s what his mom, Lynne, and I came up with…

Here are a couple of Mick’s other birthday cakes…

Lynne Klock is MOM and she is the “think tank” behind all of these cake creations – She always comes up with fun themes and creative design ideas. She usually comes up with the ideas and my job is to make it come to life … with sugar! :) So the difficult task of coming up with an idea for her cake is all on her husband, Gary. Here is Lynne’s birthday cake this year…

We actually went a little “simple” with her theme this year because there were so many other crazy cakes for the other family members…Here are some of Lynne’s past cakes!

Gary is Lynne’s husband and a great guy – he is musically gifted (best drum player I know!!) and his family nickname is “Hammer”, so these past cakes represent those two themes…

Gary didn’t actually get his own birthday cake this year because his birthday is close to one of the family’s very close friends and they decided instead to surprise her with a fun cake! Seriously, how cool is that? These guys are great…

So here is Tracy with her beach-themed cake. She is also very musically gifted – she plays the flute beautifully in our church’s worship band alongside Gary on the drums. She is also a rock-star zumba instructor and just such a sweet person :) This cake was a secret and was a complete surprise for Tracy¬† – so special!

And lastly, we have Shawn – Shawn is Tracy’s husband and these families have become such close friends. So why not order Shawn a fun (also surprise) birthday cake too?! He is a good sport and a really funny guy – he is at zumba every week supporting Tracy and making us all laugh. He likes to wear sombreros and we have some fun nicknames and inside jokes with him, so this cake ties together all of those fun things… Here it is!

Here he is with the cake and then dipping his fondant “chip” into the strawberry jam “salsa” :)


We’ve had so much fun with these cakes over the years and I am so honored to be their cake lady! We worship together, we dance together, we laugh together – and we EAT CAKE together!! Some of the best customers I have right here :)

Love you guys! Thank you so much for your support and for always giving me a challenge :) I can’t wait to see what we come up with next year!!

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day…

Well, I do tend to be a girly-girl and adore all things cute, pretty and pink..I have fun making my husband and family sweets…and of course I enjoy chocolate, cute thoughtful cards, fresh flowers, etc…

But, the way I prefer to approach Valentine’s Day is to focus on the greatest love of all – God’s love for us….

He IS Love.

So instead of “saving the best for last”, I want to share my favorite cookies FIRST!

Here are some other designs I came up with…

Another favorite…

And some more…

In closing, I would like to share one more thing because I think it is important for me to share my heart for Jesus.

I wake up every day making sure the first thing I read is this: “May the LOVE that caught my heart to set it free, Be the LOVE that others see in me. And may this hope that reaches to the depths of human need, Be the song that I sing in joy and in suffering. For you are the LOVE that never leaves, The friend that won’t deceive,¬† You are the one sure thing.” (Lyrics from Faithful God by Laura Story)

My faith in God and his constant grace in my life have made me who I am today. My work is one way for me to “overflow” this joy into others’ lives. Thank you for visiting my site and reading my post (-:

Happy Valentines Day!

Meaghan and Drew’s Romantic Wedding at Moonstone Manor

This past weekend I got to work with a great bride who knew exactly what she wanted and was wonderful to work with. Her colors were champagne, plum purple and black – very elegant. The theme was romantic and rustic.


Here is a close-up on the cake topper that the couple cut into…

I really liked these colors together – especially the delicate white lace on top of champage shade.

The top cake flavor was vanilla bean with raspberry preserves and buttercream filling. The cupcake flavors were raspberry swirl with white chocolate buttercream and marble with peanut butter buttercream.

I also loved their centerpieces and all the flower accents everywhere – just beautiful!

Congratulations Meaghan and Drew!

Thank you for letting me be a part of your special day :-)

Vintage Bridal Shower Cake

This weekend, I had a request for a bridal shower cake to incorporate the colors ivory, peach, and black – with a touch of vintage. I made two large sugar peonies to match the bride’s wedding flowers, added a little delicate black piping and then some black lace pieces to incorporate a slight vintage touch. (:

It was a joy working with you, Desiree!

Congratulations on your engagement, Olivia, and Best Wishes for your wedding day!