Elizabeth & Jon – Cork Factory Hotel

Last July, I had the great joy of creating some special cakes for Elizabeth and Jon’s Wedding at the Cork Factory Hotel. I met Elizabeth through her mother, Leslie Reese (who writes a fabulous blog you can check out here). I was so flattered when Leslie asked me to make her daughter’s wedding cake dreams come to life. We met several months before the wedding to put our heads together and start planning, because.!!!..I was going to make individual wedding cakes for all 120 guests! *gulp*

How did I pull this off? Well, it wasn’t easy, but it sure was fun! (-: …let me show you some snap shots of the hard (and time consuming!) work that went into creating these personalized cakes…


I started with the small flowers for the cake that was going to be presented on their sweetheart table…Cutting the flowers out, smoothing the edges, and then laying them to dry.

Next, the bigger flowers for the individual guest cakes…Again cutting, smoothing and laying to dry…I also brushed the centers of these ones with some coral luster dust to give them a little “pop” of color.

Now keep in mind, these projects lasted a few weeks – preparation, preparation, preparation!

Flowers can be made ahead of time, which is nice, but all cake product had to be made the week of the wedding to ensure freshness. So… I baked and baked and baked, and I mixed buttercream and mixed buttercream and mixed buttercream…And eventually, all the cakes were set up, iced and ready for decoration!


So we fast-forward to the fondant wrapping (yum!) and stacking the cake…

Now remember all of those little flowers I made? This is where the fun comes in…arranging them and gluing them all to the cake! (-:

A little “shimmer” airbrush and the sweetheart table, bride and groom’s cake was done!

Airbrushing some “shimmer” on the mini cakes was next…

Once all of the mini cakes were airbrushed, I very carefully packed them into sheet boxes lined with non-slip pads in preparation for delivery.

Delivery came with many anxieties, but I had my wonderful husband to help! And though it was chaotic, everything went perfectly!

This is what the mini cakes looked like before we put them out onto the tables…

This is how they were displayed at the tables – placed on small glass pedestals – they looked so beautiful! This photo was taken by New Chapters Photography.

 1-Elizabeth and Jon Wedding July 6 2013 (11)

Here is the cake all set up on Elizabeth and Jon’s sweetheart table…

Leslie and Elizabeth created the entire flower wall behind the sweetheart table! You can check out her DIY blog post here. She also wrote a more in-depth blog on the entire wedding, where you can check out all of the other fabulous details! They made an amazing creative team…the whole wedding was simply stunning. Photography was done by New Chapters Photography and you can see their blog post on the wedding here.

Thank you so much Leslie and Elizabeth for letting me be part of such a special day (-: