Gender Reveal Baby Shower Cake

It’s hard to tell from the pictures, but this was actually a teeny little tiered cake – and it’s size made it even more adorable! The cake was decorated half “girly” and half “boyish” as it was for a gender reveal party.  The lady who ordered this cake, Santina, is a good friend of the couple who is expecting, so she wanted to make sure the cake was special, personalized, cute and fun. She gave me a bunch of details about Baby Bloes parents and let me have creative freedom to bring those ideas together. The girly side of the cake was inspired by Baby Bloes mom and the boyish side was inspired by dad.

Baby Bloes gender was a secret, but the couple had picked out names, so we incorporated those into the design as well :)

Dad Bloes is into sports, so I added some sports balls and cute boy onesies to that side. Mom Bloes loves lipstick and pearls, so I incorporated those details into the girly side..

The gender reveal party was “Oktoberfest” themed and they planned to carve pumpkins, so I also added a few little fondant pumpkins here and there :) I loved all of the personal little details on this cake and making the little baby shoes was also so much fun!

Congratulations, Geoff and Shayla!

Thank you to my wonderful customer, Santina, for letting me be a sweet part of this special occasion :)