Kelly’s “half-birthday” Cake!

This weekend we celebrated my neighbor, Kelly’s “half birthday”. Her actual birthday is Christmas day, and this year will be her 50th – so her husband wanted to make sure she got an appropriate celebration on her own day. Hence, the ‘half birthday’ party!

For the cake, his requests were to add figurines of their three dogs, use the color hot pink and make sure it was a chocolate overload :) The flavor was chocolate fudge brownie! It had alternating layers of chocolate cake, brownie with chocolate chips, dark chocolate ganache and chocolate buttercream. Yum!!

Here is a picture of the cake…

Kelly owns a high-end sunglass shop called Eye Biz European Eyewear so I made sure to add a tiny pair of sunglasses to one of the pups :)

Here are some pictures of their dogs…little cuties!

This is Scrappy, and he was actually lucky enough to have a taste of his own fondant figurine – my husband, Jason, was teasing him with it and he stole it right out of his hand rather quickly! This picture is after the sugar robbery – once he had that small taste of sugar he just wouldn’t stop begging for more! (:

Happy customers, Kelly (the birthday girl) and her husband Tom who ordered the cake for her.

Happy 49 1/2 Birthday, Kelly!