Marissa’s Baby Shower | 2-26-2017

This past weekend I had the honor of throwing my sister Marissa’s baby shower! She is due in early May and will be having the first grandchild in our family, so this was a very exciting, very special event :)

My mom and I planned the shower together and with the help of our family and friends, it was an incredible day full of smiles and love. As I looked through the photos, I found myself getting emotional about how special it is to have family and friends come together to shower my sister and her baby not only with gifts, but with generosity, support and love. Baby Adelyn Grace is already SO loved and we can barely wait to meet her :)

Because we all love dogs so much, we decided to go with a puppy theme for the shower. Who doesn’t love a puppy party?! Naturally, I had a vision early on in the planning process for what the desserts would be…I had made a few teddy bear cakes recently so my idea for the cake was to make a cake to look like a puppy stuffed animal, similar to the teddy bear cake.

I also made cupcakes with sugar cookie bones on them and gluten-free dog bone cookies. My mom made her super yummy “puppy chow” as well, which fit perfectly with the theme :)

I used paw-print fabric as the table runner and made a couple little paper banners to decorate the table. I found cute paw-print balloons on amazon to add to the back drop :)

The cupcake flavors were vanilla cake with peanut butter buttercream (because dogs love peanut butter!), and berry swirl cake with home-made raspberry jam and vanilla bean buttercream (because my sister loves raspberry).

We had a few gluten-free guests, so I made the dog bone sugar cookies gluten-free…no one could tell the difference! ;) They were super yummy.

I loved the little dog food bowls my mom got for us to use for napkins and utensils! So cute.

Here’s the “mommy-to-be” with her dessert table! I was so excited to show her as soon as she arrived :)

My mom out-did herself with the adorable little decorations she made…

One of my favorite things we did was ask that guests not wrap their gifts, but instead offer the money they would have spent on wrapping paper, etc. as a donation for a charity close to my sister’s heart – Kisses from Heaven, a non-profit that delivers over 400 gift bags per year to level III  NICUs at Cleveland Clinic, Akron Children’s, Rainbow Babies, Fairview Hospital, Metro Hospital, and Hillcrest Hospital.

We put tags on all of the gifts as they arrived so my sister knew who everything was from. Without the wrapping, it was really nice to not have a bunch of waste after the party and it allowed for Marissa to have more time to spend time with her guests.

Here are some photos from the party :)

Siblings :)

My family :)

Marissa, Grams and T.J. (the daddy-to-be)

Our Grams is just the sweetest. And she is SO excited to become a great-grandma!!

Marissa telling everyone about Kisses from Heaven.

So many laughs :)


Siblings with our “Pops”

We played this fun “birth the balloon” game that had everyone roaring with laughter…It was a relay race where we had three teams of 8, each person had to run from one end of the room to the other with a balloon between their legs and drop it into a basket, then run back and tag the next person…some of us did well (surprisingly my pregnant sister impressed us all!), and others (like me and my brother) didn’t do so well, haha. But we sure all had FUN!

Look at my sister run!!

Here’s a nice photo of Marissa and her boyfriend, T.J. – I am so excited to watch them grow and become parents together. Congratulations to the parents-to-be! We love you and are so excited to meet little Adelyn Grace.

Thank you so much to everyone who came to the shower and those who sent their love from afar. I appreciated all of the help my mom and I received during the planning process and I was so happy with how everything came together. This day left me feeling overwhelmed with love and gratefulness for wonderful people who adore these two so much. We truly were showered with blessings :)