May 2015

MOTHER’S DAY sweets!

I always try to plan ahead for this holiday so that I can make sure to have lots of cookies for the wonderful “Motherly” women in my life…

My mother-in-law is great, we not only get along well but we actually have a lot in common so that’s been a lot of fun :)

My Grams, well…I cannot begin to put into words how much she means to me. When I was just a little kiddo she was always someone who made me feel loved, accepted and safe. She taught me how to play cards, how to cook and bake; she taught me about Jesus and how to pray – and that laughter is the best medicine. She is by far one of the greatest gifts I’ve been given this side of heaven! …

And then there’s my MOM – oh my mother, she is incredible. I am blessed with one of those “mom”‘s that is not only my mother but a best friend as well – She is my #1 fan, my biggest supporter and the one person I can go to for everything and anything. She is honest, she is smart, she is side-splitting funny (with a touch of crazy ;) ), she is strong and courageous…she is an amazing role model and just one of my favorite people ever :)

So needless to say, this is one of my favorite celebrations to make sweets for! Often times it’s through these sweets that I’m able to show my love and appreciation for people – and this is one of those special occasions :)

This cake was for another family celebration – My brother’s college graduation from BGSU!! It was a long trip to Ohio with this silly guy packed up in a cooler but he made it safely and I successfully surprised my brother with the cake! He’s really into Legos (like, really into Legos) and I’m pretty obsessed with minions – SO…this is what I came up with for his graduation cake! :-) I was so happy with it! The top of the cake was vanilla bean cake with strawberry buttercream and the bottom of the cake was chocolate cake with chocolate ganache and chocoalte buttercream. Though it was sad to cut into him, the cake was delicious!

This next cake kept me giggling – the theme was “Tuna the dog”. I did not know of Tuna when I first received the request for this cake, so I had some researching to do and I could not believe all of the adorable pictures I found and what a celebrity he is!! Check it out: Tuna melts my heart . You can find him on instagram @tunameltsmyheart.

The funniest part was that I posted the picture on instagram, tagged @tunameltsmyheart and his owner commented back, wishing Addie and “happy birthday” – so cool! :-) For a dog with over 1 million followers, I was pretty impressed :-)

This 2nd birthday cake was for a set of Twins, Zoey and Kayden. They are really into the movie “Finding Nemo” so I created a cake for them with an under-the-sea theme :) The cake was chocolate with peanut butter buttercream filling. Each one of them got their own little matching smash cake too! How fun!

This cute tiered cake was for Gavin’s 1st birthday! The theme was woodland creatures. I hand-cut all of the cake’s details to match the paper decorations for his party. This cake was a lot of work but so worth it once it all came together!! :) I especially liked using one of my tree trunk stands for the presentation! The flavors were almond cake with raspberry preserves & white chocolate buttercream, almond cake with lemon curd & lemon buttercream and berry swirl cake with raspberry preserves and white chocolate buttercream. A great variety of delicious flavor combinations! Yum!!

Baby shower cake! The design of this cake was to match the invitation – simple, elegant and gender neutral. The flavors were chocolate cake with peanut butter buttercream filling and lemon cake with raspberry buttercream filling.

Here we have some “manly” cakes. The Eagles themed cake was for Andy’s 63rd birthday and the Denver themed cake was a Bon Voyage cake for Bryan. Flavors were vanilla bean cake with vanilla bean buttercream filling and chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream filling.

Another baby shower cake! This one was a “gender reveal” cake and I got to be the first one (other than the doctors, of course) to see the results! These are so much fun! And now that the surprise was already revealed I can say that it was PINK inside!! :-) The flavor was lemon cake with pink-colored vanilla bean buttercream filling. The fondant shoes were handmade and oh-so-cute!

This baptism cake was for a friend of mine. I got to hear Katie’s testimony and watch her baptism this past weekend and it was beautiful. What a special occasion to celebrate!! The top tier was lemon cake with lemon curd and vanilla bean buttercream filling. The bottom tier was vanilla bean cake with cookies ‘n’ cream filling.

These cookies were for a ladies’ prayer circle appreciation tea party :-) They were designed to match the table decorations.

This trio of pretty cakes were for a small, intimate wedding for Jen and Joe at the end of May. The designs were inspired by a set of cakes Jen found on Pinterest. The first cake was almond cake with raspberry preserves and amaretto buttercream – covered in peach fondant, decorated with tiny hand-piped buttercream dots and finished with a dark coral sugar flower. The middle cake was chocolate with peanut butter buttercream, covered in white fondant and light peach sugar flowers. The third cake was lemon cake with lemon curd, raspberry preserves & white chocolate buttercream filling and vanilla bean cake with chocolate ganache & white chocolate buttercream filling. The ombre effect was done with fondant and the cake was embellished with three peach sugar flowers. They made for such a cute little arrangement :-) Congratulations, Jen and Joe!

Lastly, I had Jess and Tom’s wedding at the Holiday Inn in Grantville, PA. They chose to go with a cupcake tower and cutting cake combination – it looked really pretty set up in the ballroom. The top cake was cinnamon swirl cake with vanilla bean buttercream, wrapped with a thin band of burlap and topped with a gold “‘W’ monogram. The cupcake flavors were cinnamon swirl with vanilla bean buttercream, berry swirl with lemon buttercream, chocolate with coconut buttercream and almond cake with raspberry buttercream. Cupcake tiers are a fun way to display the cupcakes and it makes dessert time very easy for your guests! :-) Congratulations Jess and Tom!