Nurse Scrub Top Cake

Next weekend is my Mother-In-Law’s birthday, so I decided to surprise her with an early birthday cake this weekend!

Cindy LOVES chocolate…but unlike me, who has to end every savory meal, snack, etc. with something sweet – she goes one step further and has to go back to a salty snack right after dessert, haha! Every time! Her “salty snack” of choice is usually pretzels..

She is an RN, so the main idea of this cake design was based on that – but of course I had to add in some cute details – So I added a fondant chocolate bar and some pretzels peeking out of the pockets :) I have to give most of the credit to my hubby, who came up with all of these fun ideas! I simply took his great ideas and created a fun, YUMMY cake to celebrate with ;) It was chocolate cake with layers of chocolate ganache, chocolate buttercream and chocolate chips! Mmm (:

Here’s the happy birthday lady!