“Diggin’ up trouble”

This cake was for a triplet boys birthday party. The theme was “diggin’ up trouble” – how cute!

In addition to the sheet cake, I did some cupcakes also. Look at these adorable cupcake liners the boys’ mom, Jen, picked out!

The flavors were vanilla bean and chocolate cake with a combination of vanilla bean and chocolate buttercream. I put cookie “dirt” and candy rocks on the cupcakes for the kids :-) What a fun theme!

I can’t believe the boys are already 2! I made their birthday cakes last year also – Jen went all out, ordering a sheet cake and a smash cake for each of the three boys! You can see the blog post here.

Braden’s 3rd Birthday

This weekend an adorable little kid named Braden celebrated his 3rd birthday. This was a special one for me because I actually did Braden’s 1st and 2nd birthday cakes as well :)

The party was fire-truck themed. Here’s the cake!

Here are some pictures of the birthday boy with his cake…I love when the family sends pictures! (-:


Happy Birthday, Braden!

Here was his 1st Birthday Cake:

And this was last year’s, his 2nd Birthday Cake:

Thanks to Leslie Reese for the pictures and for always being such a pleasure to work with! (She writes a great blog you can check out here!)