Jenna & Andy | 5-28-2016

Jenna and Andy celebrated their marriage at the Carlisle Ribbon Mill on a hot sunny day in May and it was one of the most beautiful set ups I’ve seen! It’s all in the details and Jenna’s vision came together … Continue reading

May 2015

MOTHER’S DAY sweets! I always try to plan ahead for this holiday so that I can make sure to have lots of cookies for the wonderful “Motherly” women in my life… My mother-in-law is great, we not only get along … Continue reading

Victoria’s “Sweet 16th”

I just loved this cake…Girly, pretty, and designed by the birthday girl herself (she has great taste)! The theme was “lilies” and her color scheme was shades of pink and white. Here’s what I came up with…

The most challenging part of this cake was hand-making the sugar lilies. Sugar flowers are so beautiful but they do require a lot of work and patience! This was so much fun for me to go back and brush up on some old skills I haven’t used in a while. I always like a challenge and I love learning, so it was a very rewarding experience once the flowers were finished and I was able to place them on the cake.

Victoria’s mother, Jennifer, also ordered some “Sweet 16” cookie favors for decoration…

Fun fact: Jennifer is the owner and creator of Sweet Victoria’s Dessert Co., which she named after her daughter!

Happy Sweet 16th Birthday, Victoria!! :-)

Elegant 21st Birthday Cake

This was a special 21st birthday cake that Kathy’s mother, Elaine, ordered for her. She wanted the cake to be elegant but still a little whimsical and fun for a 21st birthday. The color scheme was based on some beautiful damask patterned decorations Elaine was using for the party. She spent a lot of time planning and preparing to make it a special surprise for her daughter. I was so happy to bring her cake “vision” to life! The flavors were vanilla bean cake with peanut butter buttercream, chocolate cake with chocolate ganache and buttercream, and vanilla bean cake with strawberry buttercream. Yum!

Happy 21st Birthday, Kathy!

Pink and Silver 50th Birthday Cake

This cake was for a surprise 50th birthday. LeeAnn’s friend, Michelle ordered the cake for her. Michelle requested a clean, simple, elegant cake using silver and soft pink colors as accents. I love making sugar roses so I was happy to accommodate that request as well :)

The flavors were vanilla bean cake with vanilla bean buttercream and chocolate cake with vanilla bean buttercream.

Happy Birthday, LeeAnn!

And thank you to Michelle for being a wonderful customer! :)