Valentine’s Day Cookies!

Valentine’s Day is just one month away now…Which is hard to believe since the mild weather and lack of snow has made this “winter’ seem more like spring! Haha. But either way, we’re halfway through January and Valentine’s Day is next! I’ve always believed that a nice card and sweets make for the perfect Valentine’s treat! :) I can’t pick the card for you, but I can definitely help you with the “sweets” part!

And here’s a little something extra for YOU!…

Decorated Valentine’s cookies are $36.00 per dozen. They come individually packaged in a bag and tied with a ribbon for you!

Minimum order is 1 dozen.

For every 18 cookies ordered, receive a small box of 12 mini cookies for FREE! (these one’s you don’t have to share) ;)

To see a few more design options, check out my Valentine’s Day Cookies page.

If you are interested in placing a Valentine’s cookie order, please fill out the form below and I will email you promptly!

All orders must be placed by Saturday, February 6th. Pick up dates & times will be discussed and confirmed via email :)

Thanks so much!

xoxo, Kyrsten